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Walking is one of the easiest and safest ways to get more exercise every day. Chances are, since you've been walking most of your life, you're likely an expert at it already! You won't need any special equipment or lessons - just a good pair of walking shoes - and walking is a natural movement that's virtually injury free. Best of all, it's an activity you can enjoy by yourself or with friends and family.

The in motion walking workout program is set up to assist you in meeting your physical activity goals based on how active you currently are. There are walking programs for beginners (relatively inactive individuals) to advanced (those of you already active and looking for a challenge).

We have tips and suggestions for you before you event start on shoes, walking technique and staying with your program.

Once you start, we provide you with a walking chart to monitor your progress and we will send you motivational tips and encouragement along the way!

So, if you are ready to get in motion,and REGISTER for your walking workout, click on one of the activity titles below that best describes you current level of physical activity.

Fitness Level Information

Light Activity


Light effort activity causes a slight increase in breathing rate, heartbeat, and body temperature. (eg: curling, golf, canoeing, walking, mowing lawn, bowling, easy gardening)



Moderate Activity


Moderate effort activity is sufficiently intense to cause an increase in breathing rate, heartbeat, and body temperature. (eg: brisk walking, swimming, dancing, raking leaves, bicycling on level ground)


Vigorous Activity


Vigorous effort activity is sufficiently intense to cause heavy breathing, a rapid heartbeat, and sweating. (eg: aerobics, jogging, cross-country skiing, squash/racquet ball, fast swimming, chopping wood, bicycling on hills)


Your Walking Workout