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In motion is a comprehensive approach that uses public awareness, education and motivation strategies in combination with target audience strategies and constant evaluation to reach all corners of the community.

In motion has demonstrated its effectiveness in achieving its primary goal of increasing the levels of physical activity in a community for health benefits.

There have been many lessons learned along the journey and the in motion team now has the resources and experience to assist a community in avoiding potential hurdles and maximize the opportunity for success.

In motion is far more then a series of binders and resources about physical activity. In motion is about providing you with the tools, skills and knowledge that will lead you to experience the kind of success that the Saskatoon Health Region has enjoyed.

For more information on what in motion can offer your community, please refer to our Product Brochures.

For pricing information, please contact the in motion office.

Product Brochures

How to Implement the In motion Health Promotion Strategy
High quality version [PDF - 2.9MB]
Low quality version [PDF - 220KB]

Physical Activity Target Strategies
High Quality Version [PDF - 2.9MB]
Low Quality Version [PDF - 230KB]

Please note that the high quality versions of the Product Brochures may take some time to load due to their file size.

To request hard copies of the brochures, please contact us.

Resource Manual Description
Children and Youth (high school resources)
Children and Youth (elementary school resources)
Workplace Wellness
Heathcare Referral
Primary Prevention of Diabetes
Older Adult

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