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in motion's Canada Day Celebration 2007!

Once again in motion was at Abbotsford’s Canada Day birthday celebration at Rotary Stadium on July 1st 2007. It was a hot day and a great turnout!

Hundreds of people turned out from ages 2 to 62, travelling through our in motion Canadian Fitness Zone. People participated in our fitness tour from British Columbia to the Maritimes, through to the Northwest Territories. In Western Canada they raced each other, all the while jumping bails of hay. Some serious clearance was needed for our smaller participants, but that didn’t stop any youngster! The next Canadian tour stop was the Prairies where the potato sack race was in full gear. In Central Canada the competitiveness was alive with Tug O’ War. At one point it was girls against the boys. Each team was stacked with children and adults, with solid anchors on either ends of the rope. There wasn’t a spot for even one more person. The energy was contagious as the spectators were cheering and the tugging was in full throttle! Feet were planted on the ground as bodies were leaning back and the suspense was on!! It was a Tug O’ War…….. until …….until..... the girls pulled the boys right over the line! Yes that’s right - the girls won! After picking themselves up and dusting off these in motion athletes moved on to the next Canadian Fitness Tour stop at the Confederation Bridge in the Maritimes. People had to race planks while balancing a bar. A foam bar actually, no Circus Du Soleil here, just fun for everyone. Then things cooled down when participants finished off in Northern Canada with a snowball race. If they dropped their snowball it was back to the starting line, well for the big kids anyways.

The in motion Fitness Zone was busy all day with people doing a variety of activities that built up endurance, strength and coordination; and all the while having a blast!! The prize for completing all the zones was an in motion tattoo or Canadian flag tattoo. The real win of course is being in motion.

Have a great summer, drink lots of water and stay in motion with at least 30 minutes of activity a day.

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