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A Walking Tour of Canada
REGISTER your school and participate in the fun and informative Walking Tour of Canada!!!

Once registered, you will be able to LOG the total kilometers that your students have walked to and from school. These distances will be tracked on the online Walking Tour of Canada map to show the students how far they have walked across Canada.

As the accumulated distances reach each provincial/territorial capital, you will be able to download a provincial/territorial PASSPORT to congratulate the students on their success so far.


Abbotsford Karate Club
Shotokan Karate

Get in shape. Learn self defense. Compete in tournaments.

Contact Paul at 604.792.3941 or 604.556.1444

Paul Sexton Karate BC certified Chief Instructor- 4th Degree black belt

Abbotsford Seniors Association
The Abbotsford Senior Association host an array of activities to keep everyone active on a daily basis. There is ballroom dancing, swing dance, carpet bowling, pool, snooker, square dancing, and every Friday night a live band dance social.

Call John for more info at 859-1189.

Abbotsford Tai Chi Online


A curriculum-based program to help children develop a positive attitude towards physical activity by ensuring personal success and emphasizing fun. Consists of four grade related modules containing physical activity challenges, plus warm-ups, cool-downs, and everything in-between.

Free hardcopies.
Active Healthy Kids Canada


Active and Safe Routes to School
Encourages students and parents to walk, bike, scoot, or skate to and from school. Components include the Walking/Cycling School Bus, no idling zones around schools, and the International Walk to School Day event.

Download for FREE
Go for Green


Active Living Schools: Build It & They Will Come
A step-by-step process for creating or improving an Active Living School. Includes success stories from across the county, and information about support programs and resources.

Download for Free
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
1-800-663-8708 ext. 221


Active Minds for Active Bodies
A list of children's books that promote the benefits of inclusive physical activity. Books are organized into five categories: Biographics/Inspirational Heros, Leisure Activities, Sports Non-Fiction and Sports Fiction.

Free to download

Archery Workshops & Demonstrations
The BC Archery Association offers FREE, practical and fun workshops for students, teachers and coaches in elementary school. Equipment is provided; all that is required is a gym or outdoor space.

BC HealthFiles
The BC HealthFiles are easy-to-understand fact sheets on over 180 health and safety topics such as: common illnesses, environmental health concerns, problems with pests, and health and safety tips. They are regularly updated with the latest BC health advice

Best Practices Guide
Written to support teachers in creating safe and positive physical education learning environments. Provides information related to risk management for each of BC's five movement categories (games, dance, gymnastics, individual and dual activities, alternative environment activities).

Download for FREE

Bike Smarts
Helps teachers improve the safe cycling knowledge, skills and attitudes of children. Instructors with little or no background can assist children to learn safe cycling skills that convert into lifetime habits. Lesson plans are based on solid learning principles and curriculum learning outcomes.

Download for FREE

Body Mass Index Nomogram
Health Canada Website Tool

To clarify risk for each individual, other factors such as lifestyle habits, fitness level, and presence or absence of other health risk conditions also need to be considered.


Body Mass Index Tool
Body Mass index measuring tool

Canada on the Move
Canada on the Move: Step One (CMSO) is a research project involving many different partners and is organized by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes.

The primary objective of CMSO is to create a web-based research platform to collect information about Canadians' experiences with physical activity and pedometers or step-counters. By regularly collecting information from Canadians about their participation in physical activity and their use of pedometers, we hope to determine the effectiveness of pedometers as a tool to motivate increased physical activity.


Canadian Cross Country Challenge
Imagine walking, running, biking, swimming, or rowing across Canada, from sea to sea, province to province

Run, Walk, Swim, Bike, Ski and Row your way across the world without leaving home.

The purpose of the Cross Country Fitness Challenge is to motivate people to become physically active for a long time. Crossing the country’s 4000 miles/10,529 kilometres may take a while, but think of the benefits to your health. Many studies have shown that regular, moderate exercise reduces stress, increases energy, strengthens your immune system, provides better overall health, and improves the overall quality of life.


Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching
A FREE online journal providing timely, accurate and targeted information with the goal of creating a positive environment for women to pursue careers at all levels of caoching across Canada. Tackles pertinent issues and provides practical, hands on and proactive tips and suggestions on a variety of topics.

Candian Olympic Challenge
Can you remember the first time you watched the Olympics and felt the excitemnt of watching Canadian athletes perform in a world-class competition? These resources use the Canadian Olympic Values as a backdrop for a wide variety of cross-curricular activities. Visit the COC website for more program information.

Dowload for Free
Canadian Olympic Committee

Chatelaine Magazine on-line Health Section
Lots of health and activity ideas and articles including interactive tools and on-line forums.

Children in Sport
A fundamental Skill Development Program

Builds fundamental skills through games and skill progressions to encourage life-long participation in sport. Program materials include parent, teacher and sport leader guides; a video; and promotional materials.

Download for FREE

Coaching Female Athletes
Practical tips from coaches and athletes and information about the unique needs, interests and experiences of female athletes.


Cooking for One or Two - The Senior Chef
162 pages of recipes and ideas for cooking for one or two people.

Dieticians of Canada
Link to this site for access to fun, interactive tools that assess food choices and nutrition knowledge, FAQs and factsheets on current healthy eating topics, and tasty recipes.
Make Healthy Eating - Tasty and Easy


Discover Healthy Eating
À teaching resource to support students in examing food choices and eating patterns, to make wise decisions. Topics related to healthy eating include nutrition, eating disorders, body image, and dental health. Throughout the healthy living strand, the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity is emphasized. Contatins background uinformation, glossaries, activities and handouts specific to each grade level.


Free Youth Basketball
Wednesdays at Abby Middle School from 8-10 pm.
For youth ages 15-18.

Call the Abbotsford Youth Commission for info: 604-854-8785


Free Youth Floor Hockey
Thursday at the Ag Rec Bldg from 3:30-5:00 pm.

For youth ages 15-18. Bring your own equipment.

Call the Abbotsford Youth Commission for info: 604-854-8785

Games Kids Play
Looking for kids games? Visit Games Kids Play website for a variety of games.

Go for Green
Go for Green, the Active Living and Environment Program, is a national non-profit, charitable organization that encourages Canadians to pursue healthy, outdoor physical activities that protect, enhance or restore the environment. We aim to inform Canadians about healthy, active lifestyle choices, and nurture commitment and action… to improve personal health and the health of the environment.

Program objectives include:


To build local, regional and national partnerships and alliances that help Canadians “Go for Green”.


To provide opportunities for Canadians to experience, value, and learn to protect the environment while being active outdoors.


To create healthy, safe and accessible environments for outdoor physical activity.

Active Transportation

To encourage active transportation alternatives as an alternative to our growing reliance on the automobile.

Since 1992, we have worked in close partnership with health, environment, transportation, recreation and community organizations across the country; progressive Canadian corporations; and governments at all levels. During this time, we have supported more than 3,000 initiatives to enhance personal and environmental health


Health Canada Food Guide
Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating is designed to help Canadians make wise food choices. The Food Guide translates the science of healthy eating into a practical pattern of food choices that meets nutrient needs, promotes health and minimizes the risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases.

Healthy eating - Cheap and Easy
Health Services Canada info on making healthy choices for you and your family. This booklet covers the basics of planning meals, shopping and preparing your food. It also lists some places in your community where you can save some time and money on food and tells you where you can find recipes for healthy meals.

Heartsmart Kids
Curriculum based activities related to three heart health themes: Healthy eating, active living, and living smoke-free. Activities can stand alone or be used sequentially. Program includes an educator's guide, student magazines, and workshop participation. There is also a new Heartsmart Kids program for Aboriginal Students (grades 4-8).

FREE with workshop participation
Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon
http://www.heartand stroke.ca

Hero in You - BC Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
An online education program designed to motivate, inspire and encourage youth to set and achieve meaningful personal goals. Resources include ten cross-curricular lessons, pre-prepared worksheets, student directed classroom activities, video footage, interviews, newspater articles and photos for students to learn about BC athletes.

BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Hoops for Heart Jump Rope for Heart
These two in-school programs combine cardiovascular fitness with fun, while raising funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Students are taught to care for their hearts through fitness and heart health education. Participating schools receive FREE heart health teaching resources.

FREE fundraising package with event participation

International Walk to School Week
Promotes active and sustainable transportation to and from school, and the contribution a more walkable world can make to the health of our communitites. During 2003, more than 2.5 million children, parents and communtiy leaders from 29 countries around theworkd participated in International Walk to School Day.

Go for Green

Jumping into the Curriculum
Jump rope activities with curricular connections to language, math, science, the arts and social studies.

Download for FREE
http://www.heartand stroke.ca

Line Dancing
Loretta Riggins Line Dance classes for beginners or experienced line dancers meet at Trinity Memorial United Church Weds and Fridays.

Call 604-859-4048 to register

Making it happen-Healthy Eating at school
Schools play an important role in development of good eating habits. This site is full of good ideas to help make your school eat more healthy.

Making the Case for Physical Education in Canada
Provides up to date statistics and information on physical activity and how it relates to the health of Canadian children and youth. Includes information on the important role school-based physical activity programs can play in developing a foundation for healthy, active living.

Master Lee's Tae Kwon Do
201-33386 S. Fraser Way, Abbotsford, Upstairs



Master Lee's Tae Kwon Do
201-33386 S. Fraser Way, Abbotsford - Upstairs


Masters' Class Jiu-Jitsu


Mission Nutrition
An educational program designed to promote healthy growth and development in Canadian children. Teacher's guide to help teach students about self-esteem, body image, nutrition and physical activity.


Mixed Martial Arts
Out-West Training Studio is now offering mixed martial arts classes for all ages & abilities in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet-Kune Do concepts and Filipino-Kali

To register call Mike 604-615-7522

Moving to Inclusion
Designed for teachers and community leaders, this series of 9 diability specific resource provides a practical approach to the inclusion of young people with different types of disablities in physical activity programs. Each resource provides modifications for assessment, equipment and rules, instructional strategies, and learning objectives.

Older Adults Physical Activity Guide
Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living for Older Adults promotes physical activity in an aging society...

Parent-Coach Handbook
A guide for parent or first time coaches to create a respectful, positive, safe and welcoming environment for children beginning their sport experience. Practical resources and tools to help with safety, fair play, practice planning, and teaching skills are included.


Petro-Canada Paralympic Schools Program
An online educational resource designated to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the paralympic Movement. Lesson plans are cross-curricular, focusing on peoples with disbilities, Paralympic athletes, Parlympic Summer Sports and the history of hte Paralympic Movement.

Canadian Paralympic Committee

Physical Activity for Childen and Youth
Welcome to the homepage for Canada's Physical Activity Guides for Children and Youth! From this screen you have several options to help you find the information you need.

You can check out the Guide for Youth or the Guide for Children by clicking on the link. You can even get your own free copy of the Guides by clicking on the link 'Order the Guides' in the bottom left of web page.


Physical Activity Guides
Child and youth Physical Activity Guides are tools to help students incorporate active living into their daily lives. Available resources include: age-targeted guides for children and youth, family and teacher guides, interactive magazines, and a phsical activity chart with stickers. Physical Activity Guides for Helathy Active Living are also available for adults and older adults.

Free hardcopies or download from the internet
Health Canada

Project Apex
A nine lesson, cross-curricular program with a specific focus on achieving gradual lifestyle improvements in healthy eating and physical activity.

FREE with workshop attendance

Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE)
The centre of CAHPERD's strategy for increasing the physical education levels of Canadian children and youth. Emphasizes the importance of providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a positive attitude toward physical activity that will last a lifetime. Lots of resources to help teachers advocate for and implement QDPE. Visit CAHPERD's website for more information.

A variety of resources can be downloaded for FREE.
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

Quality School Health
Promotes a comprehensive approach to school health and includes considerations for curriculum connections, school environment, community support and school services.

Download resources for FREE
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance


Recess Revival
An implementation guide assisting teachers, playground supervisors and peer leaders to promote fun and cooperative physical activity on the playground

Road Sense Kids
Web Site with activities to help you learn about road safety!

Walk Safe - Help Pedestrian Patty find her way to the playground.

Bike Safe - Help Bicycle Ben find his safe cycling gear.

Road Trip Activities - Here are some fun games for your next road trip!


Running Room
The Running Room Running Club is North America's largest running club with over 200,000 members. The club reflects a variety of runners, from beginner to advanced. The club's mission is to promote disciplined, consistent physical fitness through a union of fun, dynamic people. Best of all, it's free! for more information, or to become a member, please click on "Web Site" above.

Safe Route to School


Sport Safe Guides
Creating a safer place for our children to play is everyone's responsibility. The Sport Safe Guides identify the many forms that harassment or abuse can take, how to recognize abusive situations, and where to turn if harassment or abuse is suspected. Resources available.


Promotes healthy, active lifestyles through an online sport education program that matches students personal preferences and physical attributes with winter sports. An online resource centre includes streaming video mini lessons, athlete interviews, teacher resources and physical activity, and sport information promoting healthy, active lifestyles. A 2010 Legacies Now initiative

Stay Alert... Stay Safe
Aims to make children and adults aware of and alert to potential dangers by building situation understanding and increasing children's confidence in handling these situations. Teachers'Guide has seven chapters of creative classroom activity ideas.


Think First for Kids
Resources to increase understanding of the brain and spinal cord, cycling, recreational and community sport safety, and other important issues. Lessons are enhanced by presentations by community resource personnel representatives from provincial ThinkFirst chapters, or injury survivors. Specific resources for K-6, 7-8.


Way to Go! School Program
This program develops traffic safety awareness and promotes alternative transportation ( walking, cycling, carpooling, transit) to elementary and middle schools. Sponsored by the Autoplan Brokers of BC - insuring a safer BC. Toolkit provides a variety of strategies for addressing transportation concerns.

WinterActive is the new counterpart to SummerActive, the popular annual initiative that helps Canadians take their first steps to becoming more physically active and spreads the word that active living, healthy eating, and living smoke-free are all key parts of a healthy lifestyle.

Participating in sport activities can also help you achieve health benefits, not to mention make you feel great


Your Walking Workout