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In Motion Doctors

Your family physician is a very important source of health information and advice. Part of that advice should include discussion on how physical activity can benefit your health and, in fact, prevent the onset of many diseases.

In motion is working with physicians to use a program called PACE Canada (physician-based assessment and counseling on exercise). This provides family physicians the tools to assist them in "prescribing" physical activity to their patients.

How does it work?

  • patient will receive a simple self assessment questionaire on their current level of physical activity to complete while waiting to see their doctor
  • doctor will review the self assessment and discuss with the patient what their physical activity goal will be
  • doctor will prescibe a physical activity goal for the patient to work towards
  • patient will receive a "Just what the doctor ordered" brochure to help them connect to physical activity programs in the community
  • doctor will follow up with patient on their physical activity goal at their next visit

There are many physicians currently working with in motion to promote physical activity for health benefits. Ask your doctor if they are partnering with in motion! If you are a family physician and would like more information about PACE, please contact us or check out the PACE Canada web site.

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