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In Motion Adults

Why should you be "in motion"? There are many benefits to leading a physically active lifestyle. You will find you have improved energy, sleep better, deal with stress better and also you are taking a proactive approach to preventing many potential diseases.

If you have children, it is important that you model positive physical activity behaviour. If you are not active, research has shown that your children will likely become inactive adults and put themselves at risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, osteoporosis and many more. The up side is, if you lead an active life, the research also indicates your children are likely to be active adults. So, you are not only doing yourself a big favour but also your children! Besides which, being active as a family has far more benefits then just health. It's a great way to spend time as a family in a fun way!

If you are looking for ways that you or your family or your friends can become more physically active please contact us! We can help direct you to the many opportunities in our area to participate in physical activity. Or check out our where to be active section for more ideas.

Your Walking Workout